Christina J. Seo, MD
Colon and Rectal Surgeon
Dr. Christina J. Seo, At a Glance

Christina J. Seo graduated with a degree in medicine in 2001 from the New Jersey Medical School. She completed an internship and residency before going into practice five years ago, and has been with Barash-White for the last two years, working as a colorectal surgeon. In the future, Dr. Seo hopes to establish herself as a successful surgeon specializing in minimally invasive robotic surgery.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience amassed over an illustrious career in the medical career, Dr. Seo continuously strives for excellence in her every endeavor. She has garnered a reputation of distinction amongst her colleagues and those with whom she has worked over the years, and she makes every effort to set new trends as a pacesetter in her field. She has made a name for herself in the field of colorectal surgery, and set herself apart from others as a professional who maintains a growing love of what she does.

Christina J. Seo, MD
Colorectal Surgeon
Barash-White, MD
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